November 17, 2017

How To Make Your Spanish House a Home

natural light house

Make your Spanish home light and airy!

Chances are, if you’re young and living as an expat in Spain, you’re renting an apartment here. It’s not always easy, however, making said rental feel like your home, much less your home away from home! While Spanish sweet abodes can be everything from chic, recently remodeled lofts to dark and cold shared living spaces, apartments in Spain can usually be counted on being a few things: fairly old and furnished. 

In Spain, it’s very normal to alquiler furnished apartments to hopeful renters. Apartments are often kept within the family from generation to generation, so furniture can be a mismatched mess that doesn’t lend itself well to creating an inviting space. Here’s some simple (read: inexpensive!) ways you can spruce up even the shabbiest of pisos:

Hang Up Cute Wall Decor Finds From Etsy:

Gallery Wall GGS

Etsy is full of gifted artists who design unique wall prints that will have you forgetting the fact that you can’t paint your walls in no time. I love this Rental Sweet Rental print, and even though this particular artist’s shop is no longer on Etsy, you can still find a print to match every taste. I love the idea of putting up wall art that reminds me of home whenever I look at it, which is why I adore this print of my home state of Washington.

Buy a Statement Rug:

Statement Rugs

You will not find a carpeted apartment in Spain (if you do, please tell me!) and Spain, contrary to popular belief, is NOT hot and sunny year-round. Even in the south, where it is sunny more often than anything, it gets cold in the winter, so be sure to invest in a gorgeous statement rug that will brighten up any room and have the added bonus of keeping your feet warm!

Put Up Wall Decals:

Wall Decals

Often, when you rent, you can’t paint the walls. The next best thing? Wall decals. They don’t leave residue, and they really draw interest in a room.

Use Mirrors to Enlarge the Space:


Mirrors make any space feel bigger by reflecting light, but are best used when natural light will bounce off of them. Hang a large, stylish mirror in any room you want to make ‘bigger’.

Making a rental feel like a home is a process, but one well worth the investment of a few key items that will transform your living space and take away your homesickness.

How have you made your Spanish house a home? Tell us in the comments below.

Photo via arloj on Flickr.

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